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Catholic TV Host: It's Time To End Democracy, Install Catholic Dictatorship

JMG reader Bernard tips us to this post by Pharyngula bloggger PZ Meyers:
We've been doing politics all wrong. Michael Voris has the answers. The problem with democracy is all these voters with different views on things like abortion and homosexuality, where people who vote for such things are just rotten parasites who want to destroy civilization. So he has two solutions: 1) only allow good Catholics to vote, and 2) ideally, get rid of democracy altogether and instead install a Catholic dictatorship. Really. He says that. I'm not making it up!
Watch the entire clip, you'll be awed by the asshattery. Real Catholic TV is "the world's first Catholic internet television network" with "hundreds of hours of instructional programming" that you can view "for a modest gift." They do not allow comments or ratings on their YouTube clips, of course.

UPDATE: Real Catholic TV has taken the video private, probably out of shame. And I was just about to mirror it to my own YouTube account. If anybody saved it, please email me.

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