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Dan Savage Appears On CNN To Slam CNN Because CNN Gives Airtime To Hate Groups

Here's the first (and very satisfying) fallout from yesterday's new official hate group designations by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dan Savage appeared on CNN this afternoon to slam them for giving airtime to anti-gay bigots.

"There are no 'two sides' to the issue of LGBT rights. Right now one side is really using dehumanizing rhetoric. The Southern Poverty Law Center labels these groups as hate groups and yet the leaders of these groups, people like Tony Perkins, are welcomed onto networks like CNN to espouse hate directed at gays and lesbians. And similarly hateful people who are targeting Jews or people of color or anyone else would not be welcome to spew their bile on CNN."

While otherwise sympathetic, the CNN host didn't respond to Savage's charges and ended the interview immediately.

NOTE: Again we give thanks to our faithful news clipper Dave Evans, who provided us with this clip within an hour of my request.

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