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Quote Of The Day - Michelle Malkin

"Progressive groups are gloating over Chick-Fil-A’s public relations troubles exacerbated by the nation’s politicized paper of record. Not because they care about winning hearts and minds over gay rights or marriage policy, but because their core objective is to marginalize political opponents and chill Christian philanthropy and activism. The fearsome 'muscle-flexing' isn’t being done by innocent job-creators selling chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. It’s being done by the hysterical bullies trying to drive them off college grounds and out of their neighborhoods in the name of 'human rights.'

"Remember: These were the same tactics the left-wing mob used in California to intimidate supporters of the Proposition 8 traditional marriage initiative. Individual donors were put on an 'Anti-Gay Black List.' Businesses who contributed money to the Prop. 8 campaign were besieged by fist-wielding protesters. The artistic director of the California Musical Theatre was forced to resign over his $1,000 donation. Message: Associate with the wrong political cause and you will pay. So much for national 'civility.'" - Wingnut columnist Michelle Malkin, in a typically lie-filled column.

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