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OHIO: Anti-Gay Christian Bigots To Hold Conference On How To Not Be Called Anti-Gay Christian Bigots

Gay porn researcher Peter LaBarbera will hold a two day conference where anti-gay Christian haters will discuss how they can get people to stop calling them anti-gay Christian haters.
Said Americans For Truth president Peter LaBarbera: “This is the second of dozens of Truth Academies that we hope to hold across the country. I recently went undercover at a huge homosexual grassroots conference attended by over 2,000 ‘LGBT’ activists – promoting the most radical sexual/gender agenda imaginable (including sadomasochism and multiple-partner relationships). ‘Gay’ militants are not slowing down in the Culture War, so neither should Christians and conservatives. If the homosexual activists win, religious freedom to defend normalcy will be destroyed.” Mission America president Linda Harvey said: “Every Christian should be concerned about the trend toward defamation and discrimination at the hands of intolerant LGBT activists. From the defense of traditional marriage being labeled ‘hate,’ to the homosexual agenda infiltrating our schools, their goal is to transform our culture. If they are not stopped, the results will be devastating for daily life and religious liberty.”
The usual motley crew of douchenozzles will speak at the conference: Linda Harvey, PFOX's "ex-gay" whacko Greg Quinlan, Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber, and the managing editor of Wing Nut Daily.

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