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Ruben Diaz Rides The Waambulance

"One of the things that I thought makes the United States special is that we can disagree and still get along. Unfortunately, the growing hatred of many people in New York's homosexual community toward me does not demonstrate that. It makes no sense to me as a minister and as a Senator because I have never preached hatred toward anyone, and I denounce those who do. My strong position against homosexual marriage is the very same as the positions held by rabbis, ministers, imams and priests. I'm not sharing this information to appear to be a victim for sympathy sake, but I do want to put this in perspective. I feel a great sympathy for the people who are targeting me with so much hatred. They will all be in my prayers." - NY Sen. Ruben Diaz, in a press release quoting numerous anti-Diaz blog comments and tweets.

RELATED: Diaz may claim to denounce anti-gay hatred, but I was right fucking there in the front row at his massive anti-gay rally in 2009 where thousands of his supporters waved signs about Sodom and Gomorrah, eternal damnation, pedophilia, etc. As he did two years ago, Diaz cleverly scheduled his coming protest on the day of the AIDS Walk, a move which decimates the potential number of counter-protesters. In my 2009 slideshow below, note that the barricaded area for marriage equality supporters was practically empty.

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