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NEW YORK: Students Suspended Over "Tebowing" Prayer Demonstrations

Four Long Island high school students have been suspended for creating a "hallway hazard" when dozens of other students mimicked their pious public display and fell to one knee.
“It was basically just a tribute to Tim Tebow,” Carroll Connor, 17, who planned the prank with his brother and friends, told The Post. “It was more than a religious thing. There was some of that involved obviously, because he prays. I guess it was basically like a moment of silence. “I just don’t think it’s fair,” said Connor, a senior linebacker, of the school throwing the penalty flag. “We were never given any warning. They said they did, but that’s completely false.” The brothers have to serve their suspensions; the others were rescinded because the other participants had not been given warnings, officials said. About 40 students had been gathering in the hallway all week emulating Tebow.
The school's principal says the repeated demonstrations were slowing the class changes and constituted a fire hazard. Stand by for the screams of religious oppression.

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