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Dear Father Joe-Joe

Just in from the Red-Caped Catholic Loons:
Dear Fr. Joe Joe, This should never ever happen on a Catholic campus. But if enough good people don't say something, the College of Saint Rose in New York will host a "concert" called "Born This Way" by the Albany Gay Men's Chorus. Please rush to sign your peaceful protest today because this sinful "concert" is scheduled for June 16 – during the same month Catholics honor the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – which is a double insult. Go here to protest this "concert". "Born This Way" is a promiscuous song by Lady Gaga designed to shatter common decency and offend God. As you know, "from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female" (Mark 10:6).

And the Catholic Medical Association confirms: There is no "homosexual gene." "If same-sex attraction were genetically determined, then one would expect identical twins to be identical in their sexual attractions. There are, however, numerous reports of identical twins who are not identical in their sexual attractions." (Homosexuality & Hope) Prayerfully sign your protest against this outrageous pro-homosexual "concert" today – right now – if possible. Then forward this alert to your friends who care about moral values and the future of America. Thank you so much for fighting the good fight, John Ritchie, Tradition Family Property.

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