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Debby "You Light Up My Life" Boone's Husband Performs Gay Marriages

In early 1978 schlock-popper Debby Boone infuriated Grammy watchers when she won Best New Artist on the heels of the treacly You Light Up My Life, which had spent an insane ten weeks atop the Billboard singles chart the previous summer. Especially galling to the rockers who'd expected Foreigner to take Best New Artist was Boone's revelation that her song was actually about God and not a boy.

Boone went on to a successful career as a Christian artist, children's book author, and informercial pitchwoman. Today Boy Culture tips us to the upcoming issue of the National Enquirer, which reveals that Boone's husband has been performing gay marriages, something the paper claims her ardently anti-gay dad Pat Boone, who writes a column for World Net Daily, doesn't know about. We'll have to see if Debby Boone gets the Carrie Underwood treatment from WND editor Joseph Farah. I'm betting, she won't.

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