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HomoconQuotable - Kevin DuJan

"If you don’t read gay publications like The Advocate or local gay newspapers and don’t spend much time in gay bars or attending gay-oriented events you might be unaware of just how much hatred and violence is actually promoted on a regular, rolling basis by the men who own these bars and sit on the boards of directors of the myriad nonprofits that always seem to come out of the woodwork to condemn the Tea Party for any and all tragedies that befall this country.

"The Left’s agenda is very clear in this: if anything bad happens involving guns, there's a race to pin it on fiscal conservatives, Governor Sarah Palin, or any group that affiliates even remotely as Christian and then dispatch members of the Democrats’ coalition of identity-based-voting-blocs to vociferously blame Republicans for the tragedy. It never works — because the Tea Party is nonviolent and wholly lacking of the Alinsky Methods and radical tactics the Left attempts to project on it — but the media and its Leftist operators press on regardless.

"Gays comprise a useful goon squad I call the 'Gaystapo' because they are enthusiastically dispatched to malign, berate, bully, and impugn Christians and political conservatives (especially Republican women) whenever the Left seizes an opportunity in current events to exploit a tragedy for political gain by desperately linking Christianity or conservatism to violence." - Kevin DuJan, founder of homocon blog Hillbuzz, reacting to yesterday's FRC shooting.

RELATED: DuJan is an oft-quoted source for right-wing blogs due to his frequently reposted claims that President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel were once regular bathhouse patrons. DuJan also claims that nobody will date him because he loves Sarah Palin. Then there's that claim that leftist gays are poisoning his drinks in Chicago bars. DuJan gained national media attention in 2010 when CNN covered his open campaign to rig Dancing With The Stars voting in favor of Bristol Palin. Oh and black people who voted for Obama are racists.

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