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Brian Brown Is Thankful

"I wish you every happiness this Thanksgiving, every opportunity to know the joy of gratitude. Gratitude for this country we share that still gives us the right to fight for what we think is right. Gratitude for each other, for the knowledge we do not fight this great battle alone. So many millions of loving, decent law-abiding Americans have come together in this fight for marriage, across every line of creed and color. I'm so thankful that you and I know (unlike so many people out there who struggle without this knowledge) this light of the soul: there is a Providence in the world larger than this week's headline, a deep Reason embedded into the structure of nature, of the universe itself, of the human heart—that loves us infinitely and beyond all measure. Thank you for all you have done to help me and others fight this fight. Thank you above all for caring so deeply and so generously about marriage as God designed it. Enjoy Turkey Day!" - Brian Brown, who is somehow thankful that his theocratic, fascist, racist, lying, fear-mongering hate group and all its semen-stained Vatican money failed to inflict Christian Sharia Law upon four unwilling states.

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