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Brian Brown: Emergency In Hawaii!!!

"Dear Marriage Supporter, We urgently need your help to stop same-sex marriage in Hawaii. Twenty years ago, an out-of-control judge first tried to force same-sex marriage on Hawaii, launching our nation's ongoing debate about marriage. But thanks to a dedicated band of pro-family heroes, his ruling was not the final word! It's a story we've seen play out time and time again in state after state...activist judges and politicians influenced by same-sex marriage lobbyist money try to force same-sex marriage on the people — only to run into a grassroots revolt from voters who know that marriage means a husband and wife joined together for the benefit of not only their own children, but all of society.

"Today the need is perhaps even greater. Fresh off electoral victories in November, gay marriage activists are pressing hard to pass a same-sex marriage bill in Hawaii this year — even though Hawaii's civil unions law went into effect just a year ago. It is critical that we step up today. Polling has shown that the people of Hawaii don't want same-sex marriage. But the pressure on politicians — from out-of-state activists and lobbyists flown in by the Human Rights Campaign all the way to President Obama himself — is growing intense. Your legislators need to hear from hundreds or even thousands of their constituents right away!" - Hate group leader Brian Brown, who has been "flown in" to numerous states and even France.

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