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NOM Busted In ANOTHER Whopping Lie

NOM has been busted in one of their most stupid lies yet - and that's really really saying something. From the Chicago Tribune:
The Chicago Bears and former linebacker Brian Urlacher denied any involvement Wednesday with the Ruth Institute -- an affiliate of the National Organization For Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage -- after an online promotion for the institute stated a clear involvement of the team. In an advertisement for its June gala at an upcoming conference, the California-based group stated, "For now, you should know that we have two fabulous raffle items from the Chicago Bears Organization (and a huge THANK YOU to the Bears for supporting our message)." Below the statement are images of an autographed Urlacher jersey and an autographed black-and-white photo of deceased Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton. "I sign a lot of stuff for charity and I don't always know where it goes," Urlacher told the Tribune. "If I would have known it was for this cause, I wouldn't have done it."
The Chicago Bears issued an official statement: "The two items featured in The Ruth Institute gala invitation were personal donations to (President) Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Neither was a club donation, nor do they represent the team's view on any social issues. Any remarks stating otherwise are false."

NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse, as you would expect, tried to weasel her way out of it.
Reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Morse initially declined comment. But her website later dropped all references to the Bears at the team's request, and Morse issued a statement: "The Ruth Institute is not working with the Chicago Bears organization or any of its players past or present to promote our upcoming auction. The memorabilia we are auctioning off was acquired by me personally, not through the team or players. We understand that the Chicago Bears organization takes no position on social issues, and we regret any confusion we may have caused on this point."
It appears that NOM's story was first questioned earlier today by Equality Matters blogger Carlos Maza.  And once again we see that there is NO LIE, no matter how insanely petty, that NOM is not willing to tell. (Tipped by JMG reader Steven)

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