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Global Coalition Of Anti-Gay Hate Groups Endorse Russia's "Propaganda" Ban

From a letter signed by over 100 anti-gay and religious (mostly Catholic) groups from around the world:
The signing entities below are highly concerned about the heavy attacks that the Russian Federation is facing due to its recent Federal Law of June 29, 2013 No. 135-FZ “On Amendments to Article 5 of the Federal Law On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development ...” that protects innocence and moral formation of children by prohibiting propaganda of "non-traditional sexual relationships" among them.

We affirm that the natural family created through the marriage of a man and a woman is the foundation of any human society and is entitled to protection by society and the State as stated in the international Human Rights norm s, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Art. 16 (3). Any harmful initiative for the natural family is destructive for the society as a whole. We also affirm that the children need special protection due to their innocence and immaturity.
The letter is being heralded across Teabagistan today as being from "over 100 human rights groups." Seriously. Among the American signees is the virulently anti-gay hate group Mission America, home to Linda Harvey.

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise. European Dignity Watch is actually the work of American wingnuts and is connected to the Heritage Foundation, which is now headed by former GOP Sen. Jim DeMint.

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