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NOM Comes Out Against Booker

"Steve Lonegan is a champion for marriage, life and religious liberty and would be a leader in the US Senate for New Jersey families. He’s a tenacious campaigner and an even more effective public official. He will get immediately to work to begin to restore the direction of the country. Corey Booker expected a coronation, not a close contest. He’s been busy raising money in Hollywood and among the gay lobby, who’ve lavished money on his campaign because he shares their values. Meanwhile, Steve Lonegan has worked hard to talk about the real issues impacting New Jersey families, and voters are responding. We hope our independent expenditure effort can help propel him over the top." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, announcing NOM's campaign against Cory Booker, who leads by 12 points.  The election is in three days and we're guessing that Brown was prodded to make this very last minute bid due to Sarah Palin's anti-Booker rally in New Jersey yesterday.

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