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Brian Brown: JMG Is Blasphemous And Totally Keeps Quoting Me Verbatim

"For GLAAD, of all groups, to demand for A&E to punish him [Phil Robertson] for these words manifests an irony that would almost be funny if it wasn't so offensive. The same organization, GLAAD, has awarded and celebrated the gay blogger, Joe Jervis (of the famous gay blog, Joe.My.G*d). Apart from the blasphemous and offensive title of his blog, Jervis makes a living saying hateful things about Christians and others who disagree with his views, and saying them often in a pretty crude and crass manner. Of course, Jervis is nothing in comparison with Dan Savage, whom we all know well for his hate-filled rants about Christianity (such as his statement that the Bible is "bulls**t"). And guess what? GLAAD has been just as cozy with Savage in the past as well!" - Hate group leading Brian Brown, who is super pissed about my motherfucking potty mouth.

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