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Reince Preibus: Despite Apology, MSNBC Remains On Probation With The GOP

Via Mediaite:
On Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus demanded that GOP politicians and committee staffers boycott MSNBC after the network sent out a tweet accusing the “rightwing” of being offended by a commercial featuring a biracial family. On Thursday night, Priebus joined Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity where he lauded MSNBC President Phil Griffin for quickly responding to the controversy. He warned, however, that the network was “on probation.” “In their professed world of tolerance, they’re sure hitting on all eight cylinders of intolerance,” Priebus said of MSNBC. He reveled that he called Griffin personally and left a message asking for an apology and asking for a corrective action.
The SPLC notes that for all his "raaaacist" screams, Preibus had no problem a few weeks ago when he appeared on the radio show of the KKK-affiliated Tony Perkins, who also once spoke before Louisiana's White Citizens Council, which opposes "race mixing" and calls black people "a retrograde species of humanity."

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