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The Final Blowoff?

It appears that next week's Blowoff party in DC may be the last one.
Saturday, January 18th will be the last Blowoff for the foreseeable future. We’re taking an indefinite break to focus on other projects. Eternal thanks to everyone who has made Blowoff a success for the past 11 years. It has been important to many people — us three included. We hope to see you on MAL Saturday for one more BLOWOFF DC celebration! - Nick Lopata, Rich Morel, and Bob Mould.
Eleven years is a impressively long run for any party, much less one that catered to a somewhat older crowd that typically doesn't do a lot of clubbing. Over the last decade I've been been to dozens of Blowoffs, mostly in Manhattan - but also in DC, San Francisco, Provincetown, and Brooklyn. I'll always remember it with a smile. Thanks, guys. Tickets to the DC party are available here.

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