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Tony Perkins Has The Oklahoma Sadz

"This activist judge is overrunning both the constitution and the rule of law in a drive to fundamentally alter America's moral, political and cultural landscape. He is substituting his own ideology for the three quarters of Oklahomans who voted to preserve marriage in their constitution as it has always been defined. As the American people are given time to experience the actual consequences of redefining marriage, we are seeing the public debate and opposition to the redefinition of natural marriage intensify. In recent months, we have witnessed serious consequences of redefining marriage. For example, a Colorado baker is risking jail if he refuses to obey a court order to bake a cake for same-sex 'weddings' in contradiction to his Christian faith. [JMG: LIE!]  We have also seen same-sex marriage cited in a decision striking down Utah's law against polygamy. [JMG: LIE!] These consequences continue to draw more Americans' attention to the serious threat to free speech and religious liberty posed by the redefinition of marriage. Rather than live-and-let-live, this court by redefining marriage will force people to violate the basic teachings of their faith, or lose their jobs." - KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.

Hey Tony!

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