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TENNESSEE: The Thing That Ate Its Own Brain Is Running For Public Office

Cuckoo bird anti-gay crackpot and former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson, who sees communists everywhere, has declared her candidacy for county commissioner in Tennessee.
Jackson, who moved to Thompson’s Station last year, is petitioning as an independent to become a candidate for one of two District 2 commission seats, currently held by commissioners Betsy Hester and John Hancock. In recent years, Jackson has made a name for herself as an active Tea Party participant, conservative activist, outspoken opponent of President Barack Obama, and occasional Fox News contributor. Now, she wants to get directly involved at the local level. "I think the key to saving America is normal everyday citizens getting involved because we the people are supposed to be in control, not the government," Jackson said. "I had a political awakening in 2007. I’m tired of complaining. I want to do something."
Jackson is running as an independent because the GOP doesn't hate gays and Muslims hard enough.

UNRELATED: Some of you might remember that in 2012 I bum-rushed Jackson at the Democratic Convention for a selfie. I got my homofascist cooties all over her.

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