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Austin Ruse: A Vatican Priest Once Offered Me Absolution If I Would Murder Hillary

"Hillary [Clinton] is the ‘conquering queen’ at the United Nations. I was standing on the floor of the UN a couple of months ago, when she was thinking about running, and I was talking to a priest from the Holy See delegation and — I shouldn’t tell you this but he offered me guaranteed absolution if I just took her out — and not on a date." - Breitbart columnist Austin Ruse, in a 2000 address to a Catholic group uncovered today by Right Wing Watch.

Earlier today the American Family Association fired Ruse for saying that all liberal college professors "should be taken out and shot." Ruse has now issued an apology.
I deeply regret and apologize for using the expression "taken out and shot" on the Sandy Rios Show this week. It was not intended to be taken literally. I have dedicated my life and career to ending violence. I regret that these poorly chosen words are being used to attack my friends at American Family Radio and American Family Association.
Will he apologize for joking about murdering Hillary Clinton?

RELATED: In addition to writing for Breitbart, Ruse is the head of C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, which is a member of the World Congress of Families, the coalition working with NOM and others to export anti-gay hatred to foreign counties. During a speech at CPAC 2012, Ruse denounced the United Nations for issuing a resolution against the gay death penalty. Hillary Clinton, liberal college professors, and homosexuals. Is there anybody that Catholic leader Austin Ruse doesn't want to see murdered?

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