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Mark Regnerus Has The Michigan Sadz

"I frankly don't understand why the judge elected to pass on a discussion of some of the very real concerns our research raised. It's as if raising standard methodological issues on this subject is just unwelcome today, unless it's clear that you are friendly to the political goals of the same-sex marriage movement. My study noted numerous suboptimal outcomes experienced by adult children who reported a parental same-sex relationship. Like other studies, it has its limitations. But there is much it can tell us, including about the household instability experienced by such children, and the uncommon frequency of stably-coupled lesbian households with children in the era I was examining. In the end, the judge seemed to focus on what my study could not say rather than what it could. It is frustrating to see him overlook the significant limitations of other studies." - Discredited researcher Mark Regnerus, speaking to LifeSiteNews in an article tweeted out this morning by NOM head Brian Brown. I believe this is the first public statement by Regnerus since his brutal smackdown by that Michigan judge.

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