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Christian Boycotts Are Righteous, Gay Boycotts Are Intolerant: Volume 87

"Now is the time for every church that works with World Vision, every Christian musician and artist that partners with World Vision, and every believer that supports World Vision to inform them that they have made a terrible choice and that they will no longer have your support. And for every child who will fall through the cracks because of World Vision’s betrayal of its Christian principles, I say to Richard Stearns and those who made this decision together: You will have to answer to God." - Anti-gay evangelist Michael Brown, writing one week ago for Charisma News.

"We’ve heard it for years now from gay activists: 'You need to be tolerant and inclusive. You need to embrace diversity.' The only problem is that in reality, tolerance, inclusivity and diversity only go one way—and pity the person who dares challenge that narrow and exclusive way. [snip] Perhaps after serving some time in a tolerance re-education camp, [Mozilla CEO Brendan] Eich will be deemed fit to lead the company. And perhaps he can explain to us how, in keeping with his profession of 'inclusiveness,' he is actually supporting those employees who, for religious or other reasons, supported Proposition 8, as he once did. Or does inclusion go only one way? As I’ve said on a number of occasions in the last few years, Orwell would be proud." - Anti-gay evangelist Michael Brown, writing yesterday for Charisma News.

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