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Gina Miller Has The Everything Sadz

"The outlawing of Christianity is the goal, because it is God with whom these degenerates are at war, and God’s people, by proxy. Those who war against God are inspired by Satan to do his will. Satan despises and seeks to destroy all of creation, but especially the true people of God who are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, he seeks to crush our influence, our speech and all our freedoms, and he’s more than happy to use homosexual activists as pawns in his plan. Don’t doubt for a minute that this is the bottom line. And now, as this age draws to a close, we see the rapid ramping-up of evil and tyranny in our nation and world. Jesus’ warnings of the terrible time of the last days echo in our minds. As we look around, we see the forces of Hell prevailing at every turn, and as Jesus promised, it will certainly grow to unimaginably horrible levels unseen in the history of our world." - Gina Miller, completely losing her shit over Oregon and Pennsylvania and hate crime laws and everything else in a post at Matt Barber's site. It's a beautiful thing to see, truly.

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