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Thomas Peters: Excommunicate Pelosi

"I can think of about a thousand things that Nancy Pelosi and Archbishop Cordileone should have a chat about. Her lecturing her archbishop on the church’s teaching ain’t one of them. The gall of this woman is unbelievable. And what she and dozens of politicians are doing by publicly demanding that the archbishop withdraw from the event should anger us. Because if the church is our family, we need to respond when our family is under attack. If words can’t reach Pelosi, maybe excommunication would. Such a dramatic act would not only serve as the necessary wake-up call to Pelosi, it would also help protect the rest of us. If politicians think they can lecture an archbishop about what he should and shouldn’t do, you can bet they also believe they can use the power of their office to dictate what you can and can’t do. There is no neutral ground in the marriage fight. That is, there is no neutral ground and no compromise until we stand up for our beliefs as strongly as the Nancy Pelosi’s of this world are fighting for their view. They are not going to stop with forcing you to bake their cakes. They’re going to make you eat it, too." - Former NOM communications director Thomas Peters, writing for Catholic Voice.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Last year Edward Peters (Thomas' father), who is the United States legal advisor to the Vatican, declared that marriage equality supporters, gay or straight, are not entitled to receive Holy Communion.  In June 2011, Edwards Peters said that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is a Catholic, should be turned away from Communion due to the passage of same-sex marriage. The elder Peters has also called for excommunicating Catholic politicians that support same-sex marriage.

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