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Tony Perkins: Our Guy Never Said That Thing That He Totally Said On The Radio

"If you can't beat 'em, smear 'em. That seems to be Media Matters's far-Left M.O. for intimidating people who make compelling cases for conservatism. Its latest target? FRC's Ken Blackwell. In an interview last week, Ken talked about the latest shooting spree at the University of California and pointed back to the 'crumbling of the moral foundation of the country' as a contributing factor to the recent spate of violence. Media Matters, a pet project of multi-billionaire George Soros, went on the attack -- accusing Ken of blaming same-sex 'marriage' for the murders. TruthRevolt immediately fired back at the wild distortion: 'Blackwell never mentions same-sex marriage. Not once.' Once again, we see the Left twisting words in a debate that they can't win -- refusing to debate, and instead trying to silence the opposition. It's a systematic censorship without regard to the facts." - Hate group leader and compulsive liar Tony Perkins, via email.

FACT CHECK: As those who saw last week's JMG post know, Blackwell blamed the shooting on "the attack on natural marriage and the family." Talk about twisting words in a debate they can never win.  Here's the audio file again.

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