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HomoQuotable - Matt Moore

"Neither you nor your psychologist nor your pastor nor your doctor will ever fully know why your kid is attracted to the same sex, but you can know that it isn’t your fault. Yes, you are a sinner and yes, you have sinned against your kids… and yes, you do need forgiveness for that — and you have it fully if you’re in Christ. But don’t blame yourself for their broken sexuality. There are a million different sinful things inside and outside of them (the main three being the flesh, the world and Satan) that have continually worked to shape, feed and further distort their sexual desires.

"I know this blog isn’t a fully comprehensive overview of the doctrine of original sin, etc., but I just wanted to briefly tell the parents out there to stop beating yourself up. Please, hate sin and hate all of it’s workings and twistings and distortions in your own heart and in your kid’s heart — but don’t hate yourself for your kid’s sexuality. You are not to blame for this. Pray for you kid. My grandmother prayed and prayed and prayed for me, and the Lord moved on behalf of her prayers for His glory. They may be out and proud and accepting of their broken sexuality now, but I can tell you from my own experience that the Lord can change their minds (and hearts)… and He can do it instantaneously." - Alleged "ex-gay" Matt Moore, in an open letter to the parents of gay kids that was published today on the website of hate group leader Matt Barber.
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In June of this year Moore declared that transgender kids are possessed by demons. In February 2013 Moore was spotted on Grindr in New Orleans at the same time he was writing vicious "ex-gay" screeds for the Christian Post. After being confronted, Moore confessed that it was a "major disobedience to Christ" to have been cruising for huge uncut cocks on Grindr. He then declared that he had sold his computer and "put a lock on my phone" so that he wouldn't succumb to the delicious temptations of huge uncut cocks. The following week he posted a now-deleted YouTube video in which he declared that he rejects the term "ex-gay" because he's just as attracted to huge uncut cocks as when he found Jesus.

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