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Billboard Of The Day

The "ex-gay" crackpots of PFOX have posted the above billboard in Richmond, Virginia. PFOX has launched similar billboard campaigns over the years. (Tipped by JMG reader Dwight)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: PFOX former president Richard Cohen earns national ridicule after CNN broadcasts a demonstration of his "gay cure," which involved Cohen pounding a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming, "Why, Mommy, why?" PFOX files "ex-gay" discrimination complaint with state of Maryland. PFOX kicks Right Wing Watch reporter out of "Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner." PFOX announces "the end of homosexuality." PFOX head Greg Quinlan declares that President Obama and Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy are secretly gay. Quinlan says gay men are sexual cannibals. Quinlan says he's gay because he was molested. Quinlan defends the "ex-gay" therapy of Ladybird Bachmann. Quinlan claims gay activist Wayne Besen threatened to inject him with AIDS. Quinlan testifies against New Jersey marriage. Quinlan works to increase attacks on LGBT children.  Quinlan attempts to distribute "ex-gay" flyers at public schools. Quinlan demands that FDA cease linking gay sites in harm reduction campaign. Quinlan files SCOTUS brief in support of DOMA.

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