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Crazy Eyes Bids Farewell To Congress

Via Wonkette:
Michele Bachmann gave her farewell address to the House of Representatives Tuesday, and while we were worried that she might just stand up and announce that all her email should be forwarded to, she actually did deliver a thoroughly Bachmannian speech. It hits all the required notes: Freedom, In God We Trust, Why the House is the Best House, plus several extra helpings of God stuff just to be sure. We learn that, while the House chamber is ringed with silhouettes of great lawgivers, there’s only one figure who is shown in a full-face view: Moses, because he handed down the bestest laws that ever lawed, the Ten Commandments. And yes, they are absolutely the foundation for the entire system of American law, which is why not a single one of the proscriptions in the Commandments is actually in the Constitution.
Now she's got the time to help Ladybird with his "ex-gay" torture clinic. Until she gets a gig at Fox News.

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