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IRELAND: Haters Are Pissed At Twitter

Via Bloomberg:
When Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny rallied support for gay marriage ahead of a referendum this month, he got a little more than the usual help from Twitter Inc. As well as disseminating the message through its social media, the company is backing the “yes” campaign, which is leading the polls before the May 22 vote. It says allowing wedlock for two people of the same sex is good for the economy. Other public declarations of support have come from Google Inc. and EBay Inc., which also have European headquarters in Ireland.The Iona Institute, which is leading the campaign against the proposal just over 20 years since the state decriminalized gay sex, told Twitter to stay out of domestic political matters, attacking the company’s argument. “Twitter’s clear implication is that if we vote no it will be bad for business and bad for our international reputation,” said Ben Conroy, a spokesman for the Iona Institute, whose stated mission is to promote marriage and religion in society. “The most powerful economy in Europe, Germany, does not have same-sex marriage, so the idea that voting no would be bad for business is clearly ridiculous.”
Twitter staffers have been canvassing door to door and raising money for Yes Equality.

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