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The Castro Is CLOSED For Halloween

In an effort to avoid a repeat of last year's lawlessness and gang-related violence, a concerted public relations effort is underway to let the public know that the Castro will be closed for Halloween. Will this work? The city has previously attempted to end Halloween in the Castro, most notably with a failed counter-event at Civic Center Plaza, but every year hundreds of thousands of (mostly straight) thugs show up to wreak havoc and intimidate local homos. In the 'stro, what, for many, used to be a fabulously gay celebration, is now a night spent in hiding.

The Home For Halloween site features information on alternatives to the Castro, as well as the list of neighborhood bars, stores and restaurants that will be closing for the night. (Hmm, I see that a couple popular bars are not yet on the to-be-closed list: Midnight Sun, 440 Castro.) Visit the Boo Blog for updates.

Here's former Mr. International Leather and current Castro barbershop owner Joe Gallagher's PSA about Home For Halloween. Gallagher: "In my opinion, it's just not safe" for people to come to the Castro on Halloween. How sad. I hope this works.

(Hat tip to my buddy David Lueck on this.)

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