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Poor Amy Contrada

The Claudia Contrada story hit Free Republic tonight and quite amusingly, most of the Freepers are ripping on her MOTHER. Oh, the delicious irony.

-"Claudia’s parents are idiots. They “reluctantly” let their daughter preform in this pro-homosexual play and then turn around and express amazement that this happens! I mean really, how stupid does one have to be. It would be as if pro-life activists “reluctantly” allowed their daughter to get an internship at Planned Parenthood (you know to buffer her college application) and then express suprise when their daughter got an abortion."

-"The parents however are quite and utterly shocking! I mean here you have a woman who works and supports an organization whose main purpose is to fight against the pro-homosexual agenda in Mass public schools (a cause I support) enrolling her daugther in a Mass public school and then allowing her daughter to preform in a very very pro-homosexual musical/play! The parents are a JOKE!"

-"If MASS RESIST continues to employ such a moron, then I am beginning to wonder if they are really a front group for the homosexualists."

-"Maybe this girl’s mother should have spent less time warning others about the homosexualists through her work at MASS RESIST and more time cultivating her own family. These parents are complete and utter whack jobs."


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