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Here's the latest YouTube phenomenon: Christian band Sonseed (!) performing Jesus Is My Friend on local New York TV back in 1984. It's like the Gay Osmonds go ska. I think this might win the internet. Almost one million views already and tons of response videos.

Sample lyrics:

Once I tried to run
I tried to run and hide
But Jesus came and found me
And he touched me deep inside
He is like a Mountie
He always gets his man.
And he'll zap you any way he can...... zap!

About 30 years ago when I was going through my all-ska-all-the-time period (Selector, Specials, English Beat, Bad Manners) I would have probably bought the Sonseed record.

RELATED: Over on Metafilter there's a funny discussion over whether the clip is real or a faked viral campaign. Conclusion: real.

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