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LANDSLIDE: Netroots Nation Attendees Want Sarah Palin As 2012 GOP Nominee

By a huge margin, attendees of Netroots Nation said they'd most like to see Sarah Palin as the GOP 2012 presidential nominee. Heh.
An early release of the Netroots Nation straw poll taken from Thursday through Sunday and obtained by TPM shows that attendees of the convention in Las Vegas overwhelmingly want Palin to mount a presidential bid. Respondents were asked who would they "most like to see" as the GOP nominee to challenge Obama for reelection two years from now. Netroots attendees preferred Sarah Palin, with 48 percent of them choosing her. The next closest vote-getter was libertarian Rep. Ron Paul with 11 percent, followed by former Sen. Rick Santorum with 10 percent and former Gov. Mitt Romney with 9 percent. The others trailed in this order: Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (8 percent), Gov. Tim Pawlenty (7 percent), Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (5 percent) and Rep. Mike Pence (1 percent). It's obvious why progressive activists would want Palin to run against Obama, and certainly no reflection of the sentiment of Republican primary voters with two years before they make up their minds. Democrats view Palin as a flashpoint who is easy to campaign against (and who is a great help for Democratic fundraising).
Netroots attendees also named the Reid-Angle battle as their top priority in 2010. (I concurred with the majority in both questions cited here.) For more questions asked of us, hit the top link.

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