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Freep This Poll

The GOP's new "Pledge With America," while full of teabaggery nonsense, only makes one mention of supporting "traditional marriage," and says nothing more about opposing LGBT rights. Anti-gay groups are, of course, displeased, although the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins calls it a "step in the right direction." Today the Washington Post discusses LGBT rights and the GOP:
As polls show that growing numbers of Americans back greater rights for gay men and lesbians, some well-known Republican figures are calling for the party to shift its stances on such issues. But Christian conservatives warn that the GOP could lose its base if it endorses same-sex marriage or takes other pro-gay-rights stands. What do you think? Will opposition to same-sex marriage become a liability for the GOP?
Respond to the Wapo poll here. And check out their slideshow of (now) openly gay GOP members, some of whom were only revealed through scandal.

(Tipped by JMG reader Roger)

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