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World Net Daily's Gay Obsession

Christianist website World Net Daily's monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, promises to "blow the lid off" the lamestream media's obsession with the LGBT rights movement with articles by Matt Barber, Joseph Farah, and even Porno Pete. Because any day now, them homos is gonna OUTLAW Jeebus himself!
"I know everyone these days is preoccupied with politics and the economy, and may feel that 'gay rights' is just some 'marginal social issue.' I have news for you: This 'marginal' issue is increasingly outlawing the Christian faith. That's not an exaggeration: Owen and Eunice Johns, a lovely Christian couple, want to open their home to foster children – but the government refuses and condemns them because they're Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin. Get it? It's no longer a matter of whether homosexuals are fit to adopt children or take them in as foster parents, but rather, it is now Christian parents who are considered unacceptable to raise children. This is happening more and more. If you want to stop the rapid criminalization of Christianity, you need to read 'AMERICA'S 'GAY' OBSESSION.'"
As I've pointed out before, the new talking point of Jeebus horde is the singular British case of an anti-gay couple being denied additional foster children because of their incessant hate speech. WND has never once pointed out that this case is from a foreign country with, you know, foreign laws.

Also in this issue of Whistleblower is an article from Repent America's Linda Harvey in which she repeats the vile claim that LGBT youth are killing themselves because they know in their secretly-Christian hearts that they are detestable creatures. An annual subscription to Whistleblower is yours with a love offering of $39.95. Glory! Prai$e Hi$ Name!

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