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Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg Won't Get Off The Apple Waambulance

"Today’s politically correct America would have seemed like a paradise to the homosexual activists of a quarter-century ago but today’s activists have become frustrated with the pace of change. Since neither research, persuasion nor politics have been effective in implementing the full homosexual agenda, which seeks unqualified celebration and subsidization of homosexual conduct in every realm of society, some in the homosexual movement have turned to brute force, using censorship to trample on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. [snip]

Supporting the natural definition of marriage as the union of male and female (as 45 of the 50 states do) is not 'hate,' and supporting the personal freedom and autonomy of those who seek sexual orientation change 'demonizes' no one. There can be legitimate debate about these issues - but Apple, as one of the gatekeepers of today’s information technology, should be doing everything it can to facilitate that debate, not stifle it." - Family Research Council spokesbigot Peter Sprigg, once again riding the waambulance in the Moonie Times.

RELATED: For their part, the Moonie Times illustrates the above-linked story with a rainbow-colored Apple infested with worms.

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