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Chuck Colson: The Comic Book

JMG reader Sean found the above in a $1 budget bin at his local comic book store. Gamma Cloud has the history behind a comic book about the Watergate felon turned anti-gay activist:
The fact of the matter is that Chuck Colson – Born Again is nothing short of a grand and glorious collection of obfuscation and half-truths. Colson’s yarn portrays the man himself as an pious martyr acting in service of a naively innocent Richard Nixon. In one of the more laughable parts of the story, it’s inferred that John Erlichman learned of the Watergate break-in while watching the evening news. Indeed, the entire question of wrongdoing and guilt is effectively marginalized through the omnipresent argument that Richard Nixon’s coterie of henchmen acted under the Nietzschean principal that “what is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.”
So it's lies lies and more lies. Shocking!

RELATED: Colson remains in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage last week.

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