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MICHIGAN: Teabaggers Battle Unions Over Pending Right To Work Law

The Michigan legislature is expected to vote today to make that state the 24th to endorse a so-called "right to work" law which will make it illegal to require union membership as a condition of employment.  Yesterday President Obama denounced the bill.
The House session has started and the Capitol has been closed because it has reached capacity. Insp. Gene Adamczyk of the Michigan State Police announced the Capitol was "way over capacity," then said police decided to let 100 more people in, but control entry closely. Ray Litt was standing on the sidelines outside the Capitol this morning, holding a sign that perfectly portrayed his feelings: "Gov. Snyder, Shame on You for Caving to the Right." Litt, owner of Litt Electrics in Detroit and a longtime union member and supporter, said the legislation attempts to undo all "the wonderful, positive things unions have done for people."
Early this morning Tea Party advocates traded screams with union supporters on the steps of the Michigan Capitol Building.  Breitbart has posted the below video.

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