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One Million Moms Don't Like Urban Outfitters' Fucking Xmas Catalog

One Million Moms is once again attacking Urban Outfitters because its holiday catalog includes items that have naughty words on them. Among those products is a "Merry Christmas, Bitches" coffee mug and a "Let's Fucking Reminisce" scrapbook.
“This really isn’t anything new for them,” said Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association’s One Million Moms division. “Their catalog has offensive profanities on products and little knickknacks, T-shirts -- you name it. And so many teenagers shop there.” Cole said the company “consistently” uses profane language in its merchandise and has been on AFA’s watch list for at least three years. AFA contacted Urban Outfitters several months ago for inappropriate pictures in its catalog and last year for graphic content on its apparel, she said. “They use it consistently,” she said. “We’re asking them to clean up their website and catalog. They are offensive.”
The Family Research Council is backing the AFA's campaign, saying, "It is especially ironic that at a time of year when reverence for the birth of God's Son should animate renewed humility and civility that a major retailer would, instead, cheapen itself and its customers through the use of barnyard epithets."

RELATED:  One Million Moms launched their first campaign against Urban Outfitters back in April when the company's spring catalog featured a kissing lesbian couple.

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