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Satanists Love FL Gov. Rick Scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is defending a "religious liberty" bill that now allows public schools to grant students permission to read prayers at school assemblies.  Local Satanists are cheering him, because this means them too.
Members of the Satanic Temple are gearing up to rally on behalf of the Republican leader to commend “his defense of religious liberty,” the group said in a news release. In particular, Satanists say they are impressed by Scott’s support of Senate Bill 98, which allows school districts to draft policies allowing students to read “inspirational messages” at assemblies and sports events. “The bill is something we felt we could latch onto,” Lucien Greaves, a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, told the Daily News. “It does allow for an alternative point of view.” In the release, the group praises the bill, which went into effect July 12, for reaffirming “our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school.” Greaves added the bill, which was slammed by groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, helps “alternative, marginalized religions.”
The Satanic Temple has issued a press release announcing their plan to rally in support of Gov. Scott on the steps of the state capitol building on January 25th. Hilarity, no doubt, will ensue.  (Tipped by JMG reader Brian)

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