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One Million Moms Vs Amazon

What took them so long?
Dear Joe, Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite commercial promotes gay marriage. Instead of Amazon remaining neutral in the culture war while showcasing how their product has no glare even at the beach, they chose to promote sin. The commercial starts off with a guy and a girl sitting on the beach with their Kindles. At the end, the girl mentions her husband is getting her a drink, and the guy says, "So is mine." They both turn around to see their 'husbands' waiting for their drinks. Both men at the bar wave to their spouse. Homosexuality is wrong just like other sexual sins of heterosexual sex before marriage, adultery, and pornography, but Amazon has chosen to promote gay marriage in their advertisement. This ad has been airing during programs such as "American Idol" when children are likely watching. These commercials are airing nationwide and are damaging to the minds of young children and adolescents.
Their attached form letter demands that Amazon "pull this commercial immediately" or "at least" edit out the ending that reveals that the man is gay.

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