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TODAY: Hate Groups To Rally In Illinois

The co-sponsor of today's rally is the Illinois Family Institute, an SPLC-certified hate group and the former home of Porno Pete.
Join Illinois families from all over the state on Wednesday, February 20th, to stand for natural marriage and lobby your state rep to vote NO on same-sex marriage. Pack your church vans, buses and cars and join us at the Capitol to defeat this bill that will affect your family, churches and businesses. If 4,000 homeschoolers can stop a bill in one day, so can we! If people of faith allow this bill to pass, churches will be forced to change their hiring practices and allow same-sex marriage ceremonies if they rent their facilities. Individuals and businesses owners will be subjected to lawsuits and regulatory action if they refuse to condone the “new” understanding of marriage. And children will be taught in school they can marry a man or a woman when they grow up!
The IFI adds: "Pray before coming to Springfield and while there. Just your presence as Christ’s ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20) has tremendous spiritual impact on the lawmakers and this bill."

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