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Another Silly Lie From Rush Limbaugh

"So same-sex marriage and wiping out the Defense of Marriage Act is now a civil right. People that oppose it are bigots and nobody wants to be a bigot.  But the thing you can't say is that if left to a vote of the people, same-sex marriage loses every time it's on the ballot.  I think so far it's 30 times.  State ballots, initiatives and other things, and the Defense of Marriage Act at the federal level.  It's never passed.  You wouldn't know that, would you, by listening to the pop culture media?  You would think that this issue has overtaken everything, it's the most important issue to everybody and anybody, and that it has massive public support.  And yet every time it's been voted on by the people it has gone down to defeat.  That's why the courts have to get involved, because the people, according to the left, won't do the right thing." - Rush Limbaugh, speaking on yesterday's radio show.

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