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Bill O'Reilly: Robertson Shouldn't Judge

Mediaite recaps last night's show:
More than 24 hours after the news broke that A&E was suspending Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson over comments he made about homosexual sex, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly finally weighed in with his opinion on the matter. But unlike some other conservative commentators who defended Robertson, O’Reilly surprised his guest Laura Ingraham by going the other way and practically applauding A&E’s decision. “Mr. Robertson, I believe, made a mistake by the condemnation line,” O’Reilly said. “And here’s why. It’s not about the Bible, or believing or not believing in the Bible. It’s singling out a group, it could be anyone, and saying to that group, ‘Hey, you’re not worthy in the eyes of the lord… because of who you are.”

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