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Maggie Gallagher Finally Responds To The Miss Ladyfingers USA Scandal

After weeks of shamed silence during which NOM scrubbed all mention of Carrie Prejean from their website, Maggie Gallagher has at last commented on the Miss Ladyfingers USA scandal in a column published on the wingnut site Townhall.
I hope young women watching learn something from Carrie's ordeal; ideally something like: Don't have sex with men who aren't willing to marry you. But if that is too elevated an ideal, try this one: Girls, don't send any pic to your boyfriend you don't want your mom or Matt Lauer to see. An embarrassed Carrie wasn't fully truthful about her private and personal life, which ended up making things more difficult for her. (Could any of those folks who defended Bill Clinton's right to commit perjury about sex please step up and say a kind word or two for Carrie?) [snip]

A few people have asked me if Carrie is now going to "stop" working for me. The truth is she doesn't work for NOM (National Organization for Marriage). We cut a TV ad without asking her approval using publicly available footage, and then we asked her to appear at a press conference to promote it. Out of the goodness of her heart she agreed, for which I remain grateful. I was asked to introduce her at several events, and I would do so again.

I really wanted Carrie to work for me because I believed she may have had a calling to help fight for the other Americans who believe as she does that marriage is the union of husband and wife. But Carrie did not want to be a crusader on the gay marriage issue, or the leader of a Christian youth movement. She just wanted to be a model, or an entertainer, or a sportscaster, or a news reader -- the kind of thing you'd imagine a 22-year-old beauty queen might dream about. I don't know why so many people are exulting over the idea they may have killed her young dreams.
Gallagher says she "doesn't understand the newsworthiness" of the sex tape scandal and that she hopes "the people gleeful about this attack are enjoying their pyrrhic victory." HAH. "Gleeful" is far too weak a word to describe how happy the Ladyfingers disaster has made us, Maggie.

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