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NOM Fires Carrie Prejean

The above is the headline on today's press release from Fred Karger at Californians Against Hate. Karger opens with a letter to Maggie Gallagher.

Dear Maggie --

It looks like you fired former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, just like Donald Trump did back in June. She is no longer on your web site: I called your Washington, DC - PR firm, Mary Beth Hutchins at 703-683-5004 ext. 105, but no one was there to tell me why. What happened to *"the future of our movement, and the future of America," as you referred to Carrie just two months ago? Was it because she lied again? This time she said in numerous interviews that she "made only one sex tape." Now it appears to be more like 15 or 20. We just heard that from the guy she met on My Space. He also said that Carrie asked him to lie and say that she was only 17 when she made the sex tapes. In an interview with TMZ's Harvey Levin, her ex said that she made the tapes when she was from 19 to 21, so not that long ago like Carrie insists. Listen for yourself, it's really interesting how the two stories are so different. Here's a link: TMZ. Wonder if her attorney, Charles LiMandri, knew that she was asking her ex to lie? That is not looked kindly upon by the California Bar Association.
He closes with this pre-sex tape quote from NOM. (My edits.)
This cover story about a contract dispute doesn’t pass the smell test. Americans aren’t fooled that easily. God knows, and we know, the truth about Carrie: She’s a young woman of great beauty who chose truth over the glittering tiara that Hollywood offers," said Brian Brown, Executive Director for NOM. "Of course they will try to punish her, but we know she will be fine in the end, because her values fingers are in the right place." "Hollywood will dance its tribal war dance over her body--the hatred generated against her has been extraordinary--but Carrie will be free to define her own mission and message finger herself from now on. Congratulations," stated Maggie Gallagher, President for NOM.
Miss Ladyfingers USA has been disappeared from pretty much all of the wingnut sites that once championed her. SHE NEVER EXISTED, PEOPLE!

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