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Sen. Roy Ashburn Comes Out But Plans To Continue Voting Anti-Gay

Gay Politics reports that CA state Rep. Roy Ashburn came out on a Sacramento radio station today. But he says he's going to continue his anti-gay voting ways, because that's what his constituents want.
“I am gay. Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long. It is something that is personal, and I don’t believe I felt with my heart that being gay would affect how I do my job,” Ashburn said. Asked about his anti-gay voting record, Ashburn said, “I felt my duty, and I still feel this way, is to represent my constituents.” Radio talk show host Inga Barks wanted assurances that Ashburn would continue to vote in a conservative manner on LGBT rights issues. Ashburn responded, “I believe firmly that my responsibility is to my constituents. I will take a careful look at each measure and apply that standard. How would they vote on this? How would they want me to vote on this,” adding that most people understood what that means.
What tiny bit of pity I had for Ashburn (and I did have a sliver) is now completely gone. Somebody start a Facebook group: 1,000,000 Gay Men Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again.

UPDATE: The Facebook group has been created. Pile on, my lovers.

UPDATE II: Here's the radio interview. The host is a complete twat.

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