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Call The Waambulance Because Nobody Wants To Date Homocon Kevin Dujan

Homocon Kevin Dujan, author of Hillbuzz, says that his last boyfriend broke up with him after a Google search revealed "what the Left had put out there" about him. And now Dujan claims that someone he was interested in threw a drink in his face when learning about his love for Sarah Palin. Why, radical gay leftists are probably planning his murder right this minute!
Well, I’ll take a beer to the face, or even a punch, for Governor Palin and little Trig any day. I’ll accept whatever nasty thing the Left wants to do today, willingly, because I am tired of seeing people run in terror from these lunatics. I am sick to death of watching Republicans buckle when threatened by the Daily Kos crowd, and I’m so very tired of conservatives allowing the Left to run roughshod over this country because they are scared of the Left targeting them for resisting. Just as Jacobi broke things off with me because he Googled me after the Left’s attacks in January, and Keifer threw his drink at me and told me he hoped I got AIDS and died because he realized I’m a conservative political writer he’d heard of (and hated), I know that in the future there’s going to be some crazy Leftist zealot, most likely in the gay community, who’s going to take things even further…and possibly physically harm me because I won’t shut up, sit down, and allow the Left to tank this country.
Oh, the bravery! The martyrdom! Read the entire self-pitying piece, it's hilair.

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