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Tweet Of The Day - Peter LaBarbera

And I have repeatedly tweeted Porno Pete, calling on him to denounce his BFF Scott Lively for hiring a convicted child molester to work with school children. Lively has been the subject of numerous praising posts on LaBarbera's site and the two have appeared together at an event held by the SPLC-certified hate group, MassResistance. Last year, MassResistance endorsed Scott Lively as a write-candidate for governor of Massachusetts, but they too have yet to comment about the arrest at Lively's coffeehouse.

Since LaBarbera remains silent on the Lively scandal, we can only presume he approves of anti-gay Christian teen outreach centers hiring somebody who raped a ten year-old girl, who failed to register as a sex offender, and who then gave a false name to police. But we probably shouldn't be surprised that two certified hate groups, Labarbera's AFTAH and MassResistance, would close ranks around a third, Lively's Abiding Truth Ministries. After all, just because somebody rapes a third grader doesn't mean he can't be an effective Minister of Hate.

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