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Scott Lively: I'm Running For MA Governor

"After long contemplation and prayer I am convinced that I should run for Governor of Massachusetts. I will run as an independent. The people of this state need a candidate who can clearly and unapologetically articulate Biblical values without fear or compromise. They need a candidate who will tell the simple truth that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is condemned by God (but that Jesus forgives and heals those who repent). That parents and not the state have authority over their children, because government is our servant and not our master. That socialism is slavery and humanism breeds corruption. But mostly they need a leader who will remind the people that Massachusetts was founded upon Jesus Christ and the Bible and that our future security and prosperity depend on restoring our trust in Him." - Scott Lively, in a statement published on his personal website.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Lively says gays are bringing the end times. Lively says God sent meningitis to punish gays.  Lively cheers Russia's gay "propaganda" ban. Lively claims to have exploded a Massachusetts strip club with his prayers. Lively applauds Uganda's brutal oppression of gay people. Lively launches Oklahoma campaign to legalize anti-gay discrimination. Lively says gay-friendly politicians should be tarred and feathered. Lively endorses life imprisonment for gay people in Uganda. Lively sued for crimes against humanity.  Convicted pedophile arrested while managing Lively's coffee shop.

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